We all know that CEO stands for Chief Executive Officer and COO stands for Chief Operating Officer.

We also understand that the CEO's job is to take responsibility for raising the company's assets, both Tangible in the form of physical assets such as land, factories, machinery, operational vehicles, money in the bank, etc. intangible assets in the form of non-physical such as product concepts, business models, BRAND, patents, intellectual property rights, etc. etc.

For this reason, a CEO is required to develop a Strategic Plan planning certain targets.

The COO's job is to implement the strategic plan prepared by the CEO.

As COO, his main task is to understand the strategic plan and reduce it to operational plans in the form of organizing, actuating and control programs.

When I founded my own advertising agency in 1979 I was assigned as COO because of my background as account service, creative director, art director, copywriter, director and producer for 10 years while the CEO position was held by my more senior partner who is also my teacher.

I was CEO in 1989 when I decided to set up my own advertising agency and remain COO.

For administrative matters such as human resources and finance, I was assisted by a GM.

For me, the CEO is more about representing the company's image outward and expanding networking, while the COO is more focused inside the organization ensuring the implementation of Operation Excellence.

In government, a governor like Mr. @aniesbaswedan is the CEO who becomes the IMAGE of the DKI government and maintains a network with the central government and other regions.

Well it turns out that the COO function is carried out by the regional secretary who is held by Mr. @marullahmatali.real.

"You are now my COO," said Mr. Anies when he inaugurated the Secretary of State.

I can't imagine how the Secretary of State manages Operation Excellence during the pandemic where regional income has dropped drastically with the stagnation of business activities in Jakarta during PSBB, PPKM.

Meanwhile, costs are increasing for the race between vaccines and the spread of Corona, full hospital facilities and food supplies for Jakarta.

Not to mention the threat of flooding every rainy season. Hello.

I can't imagine.

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