enterprise architecture

enterprise architecture

 As time passes, the company and business possessions are expanding, the quantity of information is obtaining larger and has not been utilized as choice assistance, in addition to company procedures in between departments that are not lined up and not relates to danger, Essential Efficiency Signs (KPI), information, and applications. This triggers the company to run out manage, triggering the company to be inefficient and ineffective in accomplishing the anticipated objectives. To conquer this, an Enterprise Architecture (EA) is required which works for mapping the framework and goals of the company, company procedures, information and info frameworks, applications, infotech facilities, and safety and safety plans.

EA is an business plan that aligns the organization's vision and objective, danger, KPI (Company Architecture) with infotech in the point of view of information (Information Architecture), application (Application Architecture) and innovation (Innovation Architecture). EA is commonly utilized with the objective of aligning company and infotech in a company. Various other objectives are to establish business change strategies, prep work for business company modifications, facilities updates, prep work for executing Enterprise Sources Preparation (ERP), proceeding change, and business mergers/acquisitions (J. Schekkerman, 2005). EA is commonly executed by personal and federal government companies. Federal government is the company that uses one of the most EA, complied with by speaking with business, and straight are monetary solutions business, market/production, health and wellness, transport, public telecom, power and insurance coverage (J. Schekkerman, 2005).

This educating is developed to offer an comprehending, idea, and fundamental application of EA. We established the product in this educating based upon experience functioning on EA jobs at PT Pembangkitan Jawa-Bali (PJB), PT Pertamina EP (PEP), Ministry of Research study, Innovation and Greater Education and learning (Kemenristekdikti), Directorate Basic of Financial Stabilize (DJPK), the Corruption Eradication Compensation (KPK), and the Indonesia Nationwide Solitary Home window (INSW). After going to this educating, individuals are anticipated to understand ways to execute EA utilizing an EA structure that's customized to the requirements of the company and have the ability to refix EA issues which typically take a very long time to establish, are not incorporated, are as well abstract and challenging to comprehend.


1. Comprehend the idea of Enterprise Architecture

2. Comprehend the approach and structure of Enterprise Architecture advancement

3. Comprehend the modeling requirements in the advancement of Enterprise Architecture

4. Comprehend Enterprise Architecture job administration


1. Principal Info Policeman

2. Enterprise Architect

3. Job Supervisor

4. Supervisor

5. IT Supervisor

6. Company Expert

7. Systems Expert


1. Company Procedure Design and Symbols (BPMN)

2. Systems Evaluation and Develop (SAD)


1. EA Intro

1.1. What and Why EAs?

1.2. EA Advantages and Advantages

1.3. EA vs IT Roadmap vs Administration

2. EA Advancement Approach

2.1. EA Advancement Structures

2.2. idEA structures

2.3. Intro to BMC

2.4. Intro to BPMN

2.5. Intro to UML

3. EA Advancement

3.1. Initial Phase

3.2. Phases of Architecture Vision

3.3. Company Architecture Phases

3.4. Information Architecture Phases

3.5. Application Architecture Phases

3.6. Phases of Innovation Architecture

3.7. Phases of Architecture Application


Romi Satria Wahono. Birthed in Madiun, October 2, 1974. Finished main and additional education and learning at SD Negeri Sompok 4 and SMP Negeri 8 Semarang. Finished from SMA Taruna Nusantara, Magelang in 1993. He examined S1 (B.Eng), S2 (M.Eng), and S3 (Dr.Eng) (on-leave) in the area of Software application Design at the Division of Computer system Scientific research in Saitama College, Japan in 1999, 2001, and 2004. Likewise finished a PhD in Software application Design and Device Discovering at the Faculty of Info and Computer system Innovation at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka in 2014. Previous civil slave and scientist at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). Cisco accredited trainer finished from Nanyang Technical College (NTU), Singapore. His research study rate of passions are Software application Design and Device Discovering. Expert participant of the clinical organizations IEEE Computer system Culture (90598687), ACM (6680333) and PMI (2822015). Creator and CEO of PT Brainmatics Cipta Informatika, and PT SainsKomputerCom Braindevs Sistema, a business participated in software application advancement, enterprise architecture, expert educating and accreditation facilities.

MansyurMansyur. Birthed in Lebak. Undergraduate education and learning and master's level in the area of Informatics Design. As Basic Supervisor and Enterprise Architecture Specialist at PT Brainmatics Cipta Infomatika. Skilled in functioning on Enterprise Architecture jobs secretive business and federal government organizations because 2015. Additionally, he has experience in

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