Laptop, Redmibook 15

 this is Redmibook 15

The first laptop from Xiaomi whose status is official in Indonesia

we already know that the Xiaomi brand is a pretty cool and magical brand

one of their characteristics, the goods have high specs at crazy prices, really below the market price

It's no wonder that their names are highly respected in the HP world.

in other fields, the name Xiaomi seems to have become its own sign

If the product has high potential, it has a competitive price

for example in the world of waerables, I really like the Mi Band series.

Then in the world of TV too, the Xiaomi brand can't be wrong.

not to mention when we talk about its IoT products.

Well, this time, once again, Xiaomi is trying to make the Indonesian electronic market more exciting.

Now the laptop field is the target.

just for info, the Redmibook 15 which was launched in Indonesia is also the first Redmibook 15 in Indonesia

global debut

pretty good Indonesia got the front queue.

Xiaomi's timing for entering this Redmibook 15, can't be more fitting.

because in 2021, the computer market, including laptops, is quite confusing, isn't it?

Xiaomi Redmibook 15 Laptop Specs

The price doesn't make sense because the world is experiencing a shortage of chips

In the past, 6 million laptops already got Intel i3

Now I only get Intel Pentium.

If you want i3, you have to spend 7.5 to 8 million.

everyone misses the same "reasonable" laptop.

although now the price is reasonable like that, it's just..

yeah I miss the old normal

That's why Xiaomi announced this Redmibook 15,

I feel like there is new hope.

Xiaomi can be a savior here.

Moreover, the price is also attractive

the price of the xiaomi redmebook 1.5 is 6.9 million or 7 million..

I've got the latest generation Intel i3.

very convincing, we'll see the performance.

only thing to remember first, because the price is 6.9 million

This Redmibook 15 is clearly targeted for office work.

The theme that I got while trying this laptop was like that.

If you see the design, you will immediately realize it too.

This laptop looks minimalist, not much decoration

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