Asus TUF Dash F15 RTX3060 specs, advantages and disadvantages

Asus TUF Dash F15 RTX3060 specs, advantages and disadvantages

this is Asus TUF DASH F15 Laptop

yep this is ASUS TUF, a Budget Class Gaming laptop from ASUS whose level is below the ASUS RGO Laptop

It looks so different from yesterday - yesterday, maybe you didn't think this was a TUF laptop.

The biggest leap I feel for the TUF f15 is indeed in the design, Asus seems to want to look cleaner, more elegant

Just re-polished the logo, at first it looked like it had wings.

this time made a more minimalist version,

there are no more decorations that make it crowded

like 4 lines in the corner, screw the screws in the corner to make it look tough, here everything has been removed,

as compensation for gamers who still want to show off that their laptop is really gaming,

here are printed 3 big letters, TUF, really showing off, for the color variant that we are discussing this time, it's called Moonlight White, yes, I think this is really handsome, white gaming laptops are still popular, if you like classic colors, there are also a dark gray variant called Eclipse Grey.

oh yeah, make your own laptop pieces, the body shape, the TUF character is still really thick in this F15, huh.

It looks stiff, with sharp angles.

Indirectly, the design can be considered like a code from Asus,

who wants to say that this laptop has good resistance, you know

This laptop has military certification, you know


To get it, you have to pass the test for exposure to drops, vibration, humidity, and extreme temperatures

The certification makes the heart feel better, because the body material used in the TUF F15 is mostly made of plastic.

And usually when you hear the word plastic, you think about frail, right?

but fortunately this laptop can still feel solid.

The finishing is also good.

In fact, the plastic material used can give a positive value in terms of weight.

because he is light

The weight of the TUF F15 can only be signed to 2 Kg.

A laptop as big as this is only 2 kg.

even for its dimensions it is thin for a gaming laptop.

at 1.99cm

the design part, feel shining on the TUF F15

unfortunately when we lift the laptop screen

what we can do with one hand

we will find some disadvantages of the Asus TUF Dash F 15

It's a bit tricky to say

The first thing I immediately realized, this laptop doesn't have a webcam

2 years ago, gaming laptops didn't have a webcam, that's understandable, for the sake of keeping up with thinner bezels.

but in 2021 when the webcam is really used, for online learning, for online meetings and so on

The F15 seems to make it more complicated for us to find an external webcam

which isn't a bonus anymore, it has to be a note

the second weakness, this laptop has a screen that has a less wide color gamut

the colors shown are included, because the sRGB is only 69%

so for those of you who work in the visual field, this laptop must be plugged into an additional screen whose color is more accurate.

can be via the HDMI port or its Thunderbolt 4 port.

the third weakness, if you don't know it can be called a weakness or not

but I prefer the keyboard that was in the previous generation TUF, the one with the numpad, but not in the F15.

he uses only 60% keyboard design

then the rest of the room on the right and left is also left empty.

Just outline it, if left and right are given speakers that shoot upwards, it will taste better.

That's it, 3 parts that you really need to pay attention to about TUF F 15

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