Best and Perfect Laptop ASUS

 Best and Perfect Laptop ASUS

this is the best and perfect laptop from ASUS

This is one of the laptops that many people call the perfect laptop

which costs 60 million

Its name is ROG Flow x13

maybe some of you already know

because this laptop is not new anymore,

it's been around 2-3 months

and many have reviewed as well, whether it's an outside reviewer or a local reviewer, like nerd revies ID, Jagat Review, they've discussed it too and when I watched it, it looks really cool

maybe I somewhat agree if this laptop is said to be perfect.

or at least it's really good

if for example you can not accept the word perfect for a technology.

because no technology is perfect

Yes, it's legal, it's legal, but there's a reason why many people are very happy with this laptop.

Because if we choose a laptop, right...

We have to choose, which type do we want first?

we want an ordinary laptop, an ultrabook,

which is thin, which saves power, which is efficient, which we usually take to the office, or we want a convertible laptop.

the one with the touch screen, the 2in1 one, which we can turn into a tablet.

or we want a gaming laptop, which usually has a very high power, then the shape is big to withstand the heat generated by the engine.

but on this Flow x13 laptop,

we can get everything without feeling compromised

it's thin, it can be converted into a convertible, 2 in 1, it can be used as a tablet, it's also a touchscreen, and it has laptop gaming-style performance, but it's not too hot.

That's amazing, when I heard that, that's why when I found out, I immediately contacted the ASUS, asking if I could borrow a stick or not, they immediately sent the most complete package and the highest spec too,

which costs 60 million, there are other specs that are cheaper, but if you can the best, why not?

to show off to the audience too.

Now let's just unbox it, so you know what I mean when I say it, I think I'm a little careful when I say the perfect word.

here is the gold ROG logo, for some reason it's not red, maybe the gold level is even higher,

I don't know, here are the specs, so the series is GV301Q then there are serial numbers and so on,

there is a Microsoft Office label, so laptops now want cheap ones, want expensive ones, want gaming ones, want ones for work, it seems like it's already gone, for bundling

Bundling Microsoft Office so we don't have to bother looking for it anymore, just use it.

Moreover, if we want to make games, want to do work, Microsoft Office seems to be quite mandatory.

there are expensive bags, even expensive laptops are still given bags, and it looks quite premium, there is an inscription Republic Of Gaming stands for ROG,

There's a zipper, something to do with, it's pretty custom made, because ROG bags are generally big and big, because the ROG bags I know are pretty big backpacks, which quite a lot of office people use.

it says Gravity Wave Worldwide Trend, okay, they also want to enter the world of fashion maybe,

there is a strap, there is a bag strap,

The laptop material is made of plastic.

feels premium, here is the texture of the lines, there is no ROG logo at all, it's almost plain if for example here there is no ROG emblem anymore, the color is violet violet purple, there is a ryzen logo and it says SUPERNOVA R9-5980HS

Because this laptop uses the Ryzen R9-5980HS processor

it's one of the most powerful processors for now,

For mobile processors, it uses 8 cores, 16 threads, then the TDP is only 35 watts, the fabrication is 7nm so it's more efficient, so you could say basically the most powerful laptop processor for now, it's really loud.

here there is a sticker there is also an AMD Ryzen 5000 series which is series 9, there is an NVIDIA Ge Force GTX because this laptop already uses the GTX 1650 Max-Q

so you can say it's a little gaming laptop, right?, I'll explain later why it uses a GPU like that, here it's small, the touchpad is small, because the body is also small, there's a little ROG logo here on the lines, and as the name implies Flow X13, The screen of this laptop has a size of 13 inches, but the refresh rate is already 120 Hz.

It's really gaming, and of course we can fold it because it's a convertible.

We want to make a laptop with standing mode, tent mode, any mode, as long as we can reach it with folds like this.

For example, if we open it with one hand, it should work, right?, yup, we can

because a laptop this expensive is a shame if it can't be opened with one hand

yup you can

then what else?

here the RAM is 32GB LPDDR4X

I have 2 channels, but I can't upload it anymore as far as I know

and he uses 1TB NVME SSD storage.

does it really look that good?

The Ryzen is already the fastest,

then he uses 32 GB RAM, 1 TB, but why is the GeForce only GTX 1650 Max-Q

it's arguably one of the mobile GPUs from NVIDIA, which isn't that great.


it's okay to play, but if it's a laptop that costs 60 million, I think it's at least RTX 3070.

Why only get this, yes the answer is in the other box.

Now let's go to the other box.

oh yes, if you want to buy a laptop, you can, that's why I said this is a package.

For example, if you want to buy a convertible laptop, a thin one, which can play games too.

what mike is reviewing is the coolest version, hurray, 20 million.

he uses Ryzen 75800hs, then the GTX is the same as the 1650 Max-q and the SSD is 512GB.

if you want something more expensive.

there is 27 million, he already uses Ryzen 5900

Then the SSD is 1 TB,

and the RTX is 3050Ti

almost 2 times louder than this 1650 Max-Q.

Then why does a laptop that costs 60 million only use 1650 MAX-Q?

Why not 3050Ti like the 20 million at least.

Yes, that's the reason, because we don't need a discrete GPU that is that loud because we've been given this package

ROG XG Mobile

this is called ROG XG Mobile.

here is the writing, then here is the ROG emblem as usual.

and the shape is smaller than the previous ROG box, the laptop case.

If you want to compare it, it looks like a keyboard box, or something like a box, this box reminds me of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080Ti GPU, but this is a box for desktop GPUs.

this is not much different. in here there is an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080

but this is the mobile version, unfortunately, not the desktop version and what's in here is specifically designed to complement the Flox x13 laptop earlier

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