How to Increase Mobile RAM from 8 GB to 11 GB

 How to Increase HP RAM from 8 GB to 11 GB

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There are already 2 Vivo Y53S here, right?

This is the newest cellphone from Vivo which we discussed yesterday in the Video Review

so this video won't talk about camera quality, or screen or professor, uh professor, processor!.

Recommended or not, it's over.

This time I want to talk more deeply while testing one of the main features of this HP or Mobile.

which Vivo is quite proud of, the name is extended RAM

Vivo said that with this Extended RAM, the RAM of the Y53S was originally 8GB, it's already big by the way, it can be made even bigger

This is How to Increase HP RAM from 8 GB to 11 GB

get an extra 3GB of extra just by pressing the menu a little.

if we use stupid calculations,

8GB + 3GB total is 11GB

11GB RAM, you know, really big for a cellphone that costs 3 million.

If people who really care about ram know about features like this, they will immediately fall in love, their cellphones will be very interesting.

Features like this are not new anymore.

Vivo has introduced it since the x60 series yesterday if I'm not mistaken.

but at that time, we couldn't press the activation button.

vivo says the feature will automatically activate if needed.

this time on Y53S we can set it ourselves.

Maybe so that it feels more sophisticated, yes, lots of buttons?

This Extended RAM feature itself is not the only Vivo that has.

OPPO also already has, how to add RAM if in Vivo RAM Extended while in OPPO it is called RAM expansion

on the Reno 6 yesterday, even on the A74,

he also became one of the parts they sold.

then in realme 8 5G, there is also a Dynamic RAM Expansion feature that will give us extra RAM, the same function, different branding.

and it's not just the BBK group that has it, listen to the Xiaomi cellphone which will get the MIUI 13 system later

Also will get features like this,

In the future in 2021, the rest will be the same in 2022

I think there will be a lot of HP that will release a feature like this, right?

So it's a trend because it's not bad, playing a little software feels like a crazy upgrade in the hardware section, only the important questions, which we will find answers to in this video

Is extended RAM really a feature or just a gimmick?

Because we have to know, if the extra 3GB RAM we get is not simsalabim, so what prok prok prok.

It immediately becomes real RAM, not like that!.

The 3GB that we get is the result of picking from the internal memory capacity.

"borrowed" to be converted as RAM, although the logic is still in, yes, because RAM and internal memory are the same memory.

Yes, just borrow from each other, right?

But the speed of RAM is far.

Much, much faster than internal memory.

Today's RAM that uses LDDR4X technology has a speed of up to 42GB / sec

For the RAM speed of the Y53S itself, when I benchmark it, it's 12GB/second.

still very loud.

when it comes to the speed of the internal memory, the 3GB borrowed is 250mb/second, aka a quarter of GB.

that means about one-eighth slower than its RAM speed.

if you want it to be likened to the original 8GB RAM

With the help of 3GB of extended RAM, it feels like 8 professors are working in the lab, and 3 elementary school kids are helping, right? Whether it affects or not.

if you need to do it, just bring paper.

So if we know facts like that, we obviously can't say that the Vivo RAM is 11GB.

unethical, if we were asked how many people work in the Lab, we answered 11 people, it's true, it's not wrong.

but the power is not full 11 people.

So if someone sells HP with extended RAM, then he just adds it, please don't care.

Fortunately, until now, the brand still uses the added formula, right?

Vivo still says 8GB+3GB

Realme didn't even say anything.

just say about the name of the feature, Dynamic RAM Extension.

Hopefully it will be maintained and naming like that, about whether it has an effect or not, we will test it now

I myself do not know how far the effect.

I want to see if this extended RAM has an effect or not.

Features or gimmicks, if we turn on the Extended RAM on the Y53S, will it be able to open more applications than the Y53S for which we don't turn on the features.

Yes, before we start, I want to remind you that the RAM capacity has no effect on HP's performance.

Bigger RAM doesn't make games or applications smoother.

Don't expect that Extended RAM can make the frame rate in games higher, what we are testing here is not that.

What is the function of RAM in HP?

what we are looking for is whether the cellphone that we activate Extended RAM can run more applications at once, because that's the function of RAM, to keep the application alive even though we minimize it, so we don't have to bother starting the application from the beginning every time we want to use it.

If you want a brief explanation about the RAM analogy, you can watch the video of this gadget that was made in 2018 you know.

sipss, let's start now, this is a simple test method.

These are 2 identical HP

k, it's just a different color, I removed the sim card, connected to the same wifi, and the software was also updated to the same system or version, it's all the same date

so there's no reason why the cellphones are different, and we also can't compare 2 different cellphones, because the cellphones are different, the specs are different, the management system must be different.

Moreover, the brand is different, the OS is different, so we have to use 2HP with the exact same series,

with the exact same software, here I will open 30 applications at once, here there are 5 rows and 6 columns, I still turn it around quite often, if it's horizontal, it's a column or a row?

confused huh? haha

Yes, basically the horizontal is 5, the bottom is 6, so there are a total of 30 applications, then every time we open it, there is a check point,

every time we open 20 applications, we try to open it from the beginning again, are we still awake, if we are still going to continue, if not, it means we can't.

should be 30 can be, at least 20 can be.

so the one on the left we activate the extended ram, there is a blue blue symbol that is already active, and on the right we turn off the ram.

can this one on the left open more applications?

I hope so, at least 2-3 applications can be opened more.

Let's be honest, if it's the same, I'm a bit disappointed.

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