Finally, IPad is Changing

 the ipad is getting some pretty big changes and i'm not just talking about the ipad pro here but the entire ipad, lineup i've already talked about the ipad pro's design changes and the sizes but in this video i want to talk about some fresh new leaks on some of the other changes coming to the ipads in the future and more of all those leaks right after this if you've been following the channel for a while now you've probably heard me talk about pay-per-like their screen protectors have always been a

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the look has just reported that samsung

is developing new gen 8.5 oled displays

for tablets and that samsung will be

mass producing these for apple in late

2024. now what's really interesting

about this report is that they

specifically said that this will be for

the second gen oled ipad so what about

the first gen then well they've also

talked about these um and that these

would be using the gen 6 oled panels the

11 and the 12.9 inch would be getting

updated to oled in 2024 which means that

the second gen oled panels would come in

2025 and apparently lg will be involved

in this production too so it won't be

just samsung and mark german has

reported about uh the switch to oled too

essentially samsung has recently

acquired patents of a german oled

company to further improve their oled

display technology so samsung is

definitely interested in improving their

oled panels all across the board in fact

they've recently switched to oled in

some of their tvs too so they are

experimenting in that regard as well

oled will be getting some pretty big

improvements in the next few years and i

know the ipad switching to oled doesn't

seem that exciting as loads of other

android tablets have been using all the

panels for years apple is again very

late to the party but there's actually

way more to the story than it seems but

first you're probably wondering why is

apple so late well they've always been

late for example apple's first oled

iphone was the iphone 10 released in


samsung already had oled on the galaxy

s1 from 2010 and the reason why apple is

so late in this regard is because

they've always been very strict in terms

of color accuracy and the initial oled

displays were known to be overly vibrant

and have unrealistic colors which is why

apple decided to wait uh for all the

technology to improve for you know the

burn-in to be fixed or not as much of an

issue and for the brightness to also be

bummed and that's when they decided to

switch to oled on the iphone but okay

let's say that we're in 2024 uh the

ipads are finally switching to oled

how is apple any different when compared

to samsung and the competition well the

main difference will be the brightness

you see all the tablets today are quite


samsung's tablet 8 ultra which is their

highest end tablet peaks at about 420

nits the ipad air has a brightness of

500 nits the 11 inch ipad pro has a

brightness of 600 and then the 12.9 inch

ipad pro which uses a mini led display

essentially lcd but with multiple

dimming zones that can go up to 1600

nits no other tablet can even come this

close but we all know that oled is just

not capable of these brightness levels

at the moment so how will these new

ipads be any different well apparently

they will be using a double stacked oled

layer so essentially two layers of red

two layers of blue and two layers of

green subpixels essentially doubling the

brightness of the display that way so in

that case the ipad air should easily be

able to get to 800 nits with the current

oled panels just double stacked the ipad

pro will only need a more advanced oled

display to be able to get anywhere near

1600 and i think that this will solve

the main issue with oled right now which

is the lower brightness levels while

also keeping all the benefits of oled

like the perfect black levels and the

individual pixel control and i also

think that this could potentially give

us some really cool unique features like

the refresh rate could then be dropped

to one hertz instead of the 24 hertz

that we have now which would then allow

us to have an always on display on the

ipad uh no tablet has done this before

as far as i'm aware so that would

basically match the feature set that we

have on the iphone and the apple watch

with the always-on functionality so

that's all great but what about the mac

is the mac getting an oled display

anytime soon well according to a recent

report by russian in 2024 there will be

a 13-inch macbook that will be getting

an oled display now this would make

sense for it to be an heir

but according to russian it might not be

called the air so it could be a

different model but in my opinion makes

sense for this to be a new air russ also

says that these dual stack displays will

be good for durability too so that you

get a longer lasting panel and

interesting enough according to russ all

of these devices that are getting the

oled displays will also be getting

promotion from 1 hertz all the way up to

120hz so that includes this new macbook


the ipads however minchiko said in an

earlier report that

bringing oled to the max would fully

depend on how the implementation goes on

the ipad so dimitrigo believes that 2025

will be the earliest one we'll actually

see oled come to the mac so what about

the competition is there anyone else

who's thinking of adding these super

bright oled panels to their devices uh


it's literally samsung because you see

samsung is they're smart the alec

reports that samsung will be the first

company to be using these dual stacked

oled panels in their products

and that would be on the galaxy tab and

the galaxy book now the mass production

for these oled panels is set to begin in

2023 which means that it is quite likely

that the 2023 galaxy tab and the 2023

galaxy book will come with its dual

stacked oled display and then apple will

have to wait a few more months until

they're able to include those displays

into their ipads and that 13-inch

macbook and apparently uh samsung

actually made a prototype version of

this display for apple in 2021 it was a

10.86 inch oled display so maybe

something that was aimed for the ipad

air this was actually rumored before

that the ipad air would switch to oled

before the ipad pro but apparently the

whole project was halted uh because it

was just too expensive for samsung to


apple needed a lot of panels and they

also wanted them cheap which samsung was

just not able to do at a time but all of

this got me thinking isn't

mini led

actually a better option you see the

ipad pro does indeed have blooming but

the macbook pro does it so much better

the blooming is honestly very minimal

and from my day-to-day use

i think it looks almost as good as oled

but of course with that extra level of

brightness so the reason why i'm saying

that maybe mini led is a better option

is because it is much cheaper to

manufacture than this dual layer oled

panel and it is available today like if

apple wanted to they could add a mini

led display to all the ipads and all the

macs including the 24 inch imac and

seriously boost the quality of their

displays and if you use something like

vivid you can actually boost your

display brightness up to two times or

even higher which is insanely useful

outdoors something like this is just not

doable with oled right now and then if

you look at the tv industry mini led is

becoming quite big

both lg and samsung are using mini led

right now

lg's mini led tvs are almost as

expensive as their oled models in fact

we actually have a mini led tv in the

office it's an 8k lg tv and the black

levels are almost as good as on an oled

so i'm honestly very very impressed and

the brightness is actually significantly

higher than on oled that's why i think

that for the time being

mini led is superior to oled because of

those insanely high brightness levels

and the almost as good black levels so

what about the future

if in 2024 apple will be moving most of

their devices to oled at the ipads and

that macbook and then future macs um are

there any mini led products coming in

2022 or even 2023 well we know about an

apple mini led display which would be

either a studio display pro or a new pro

display xdr now this is said to be

coming by the end of this year there's

also the updated 32-inch imac the imac

pro which is likely going to come in

2023 and feature mini led as well so

these are the two main mini led devices

that are coming before that oled switch

and then i believe the ipad air will be

switching to oled first as the level of

brightness that would be required would

be lower than the ipad pros then of

course we would have the ipad pros and

then the macbooks but i think the

biggest question here is what would

actually happen with mini led in the

long run like after the ipad pro and the


get oled

would the entry level ipad and the ipad

mini get mini led

or would they simply skip to oled i

think that only time can tell but let me

know what do you guys think about these

big changes coming to all of apple's

products in the future and if you want

to see a video on just the ipad pro's

design changes and some of the other you

know mac safe and other changes then

check out this video right here check

out our shorts channel for quick and fun

tech videos i'm daniel and i'll see you

guys in the next one cenor tech signing

out cheers


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