The Power of Blackberry

 You are my age or maybe

a little more old certainly remember

BlackBerry, especially with BBM

aka BlackBerry Messenger which is

phenomenal at that time in the era of BBM

is the most advanced technology because of us

can chat without worrying about entrepreneurs

HP is sucked in security too

guaranteed but now almost everyone

never heard of the popular brand again

it was last year even the official BlackBerry

ceased to operate buried BlackBerry

crushed by iPhone and Android phones but

is it true that the BlackBerry is dead

apparently not in a few years

BlackBerry rises from its grave and

transform into one

cyber security service provider

famous in the world, what's the story?

and how come, let's find out


we start this video by looking

how BlackBerry was born and grew

become a popular product coveted by all

professional After that we dive

to review how the process

BlackBerry's fall from his throne

then we explore awakening

BlackBerry back in the cyber world

our last phenomenal security

examine 3 important lessons we can

take to make our company

able to survive and continue to grow


BlackBerry is developed by Research in

motion or Rim as the developer

the first wireless data technology in

North American company this is indeed

always try to be the first

in innovation in 1999 for example Rim

managed to make BlackBerry 8

This product is a pager with buttons

the world's first quarti yes maybe you

young people don't understand what it is

pagers yes

it's an innovative product because it's different

of most fingers at the time

which can only be used to receive

message without being able to send a message back

well in the following year it appeared

BlackBerry 967 Internet Edition

the function is more powerful because it's a cell phone

the first to be able to receive email addition

there is a calendar address book application

calculator alarm and photograph that can

synchronized with PC in 2002 Appeared

again BlackBerry 508

as the first handset to support it

GSM and GPRS networks shortly after

born BlackBerry 72 with screen

color and a connected microphone

with speaker and web browser

2004 BlackBerry's footing is getting stronger

they have a messaging app without

credit, namely BlackBerry Messenger or

BBM this app makes it show

as an exclusive phone and increasingly

attract the interest of the middle class

Infatuated with cellphones before they existed

Blackberry at that time if people

want to be in a relationship right?

I'm asking like this Bro, what's your number?

Well after BlackBerry appeared

the question changes to Bro your BB pin

how many do you remember?

that's the power of the BlackBerry he is capable of

presents various trends on

the habits of people with cell phones let alone

they keep developing the device

by adding a music camera and

video recorder but all novelty

the technology turned out to be incapable

helped him continue to excel even just

just can't survive

lead blackber to what point Nadir

that happened


in its heyday probably no one was

never thought BlackBerry would

sinks easily But he

really can't stand it

advances in mobile phone technology

the irony was actually triggered by him

own iPhone and Android presence

slowly but surely decreasing

BlackBerry's popularity let alone then

March external applications

internet-based that provides features

Chat like Whatsapp and others

not only that the cause of the slip

BlackBerry RIM gave birth to Blackberry

Curve to Bolt series for segments

upper middle class consumers

own operating system

The phone looks so prestigious

moreover, the price is not cheap though

in certain series a lot of complaints

unaddressed users like

less compatible often hangs and heats

as well as specifications that are monotone in

Such conditions appear smartphones

Android and iPhone based

change the perspective of the price community

cheaper and Because that's what then

people turn away from

BlackBerry can be said BlackBerry

failed to adapt to growth

smartphone innovation when the competitors

lean toward their touchscreens

use their qwerty keyboard as well

fails with features like camera because

specifications and sharpness of the camera

not well developed segment

BlackBerry has been a consumer from the start

their corporations use it primarily

for work needs that is Gap

the Then viewed competitors and

encourage them to glance at other consumers

who need a cell phone at once

for entertainment especially social media

more and more passionate people develop

posts on social media so

they choose a cell phone that can fulfill

a need is a need that cannot be fulfilled

filled by BlackBerry device gaps

others are used

competition is

BlackBerry operating system that doesn't

facilitate BlackBerry users

like forcing users to use the store

BlackBerry applications that are considered not

user friendly while the operating system

such as iOS or Android

provide all kinds of applications that

Users can download it at

their store Well then it's only natural

when in 2012 the market nation

BlackBerry in the United States only

only 7.3% remaining while Google and

Apple claims 53.7% and respectively

35% as a result BlackBerry plummeted like

in the first quarter of 2014 which

up to 30%

aware of the situation that is not

benefit them in the end

developing the BlackBerry operating system

10 which is qnx based after some

times postponed in 2013 that series

finally launched unfortunately the market

remains unresponsive to other causes of

BlackBerry's setback is para

the leader

was appointed CEO instead

lazaridis and the assessed Silly Ball

failed to contain competitors unfortunately

assess the BlackBerry is enough

innovate even though many people judge

BlackBerry's weak point instead

the innovation finally resigned and


a moment later Chen promised in 5

year I can see BlackBerry

as an Absolute leader in computing

mobile, that's what we attract

what's on his mind So what

yes its him

it turns out that Chen took the BlackBerry out

from the mobile phone business and switch to

cyber security and software industry

embedded computer system

explained we will make money

in the exact area of that key area

is cyber security and enterprise

we are very well able to work for

regulatory industries such as banks and

government and the Department of Health

This step proved to be successful

generate income and growth

great for BlackBerry BlackBerry too

reportedly working with babies

to develop autonomous cars or

driverless car technology

using the BlackBerry q&x platform

in January last year BlackBerry too

announced jarvice A software

Cloud-based security that can

scan car codes for vulnerabilities

BlackBerry's shift of focus to cyber

security of course there is a reason for them

based on the results of a recent survey

Just carried out the results of the survey

stated that 80% of customers in

United States UK and Canada do not

believe or maybe not sure that

their internet connected devices

use at this time can secure data

and their privacy respondents too

admit that they prefer

product or do business with the company

which has a good reputation in terms of

data security and high privacy

cyber attacks today have indeed

haunt users of the State report

of Cybersecurity Residence

revealed that in 2021

my attack against

these companies happen 31% more

much compared to the previous year

so they average experience

270 cyberattacks in the same year

same diloid also do a survey for

see the biggest challenges for ciso and

cio turned out to be more than 40% of respondents

answered that transformation and Hybrid

is the hardest part of management

cyber security, well, Indonesia doesn't either

escape the target of cyber attacks of course

only the cyber agency and Bssn Country Code

mention in 2022 more than 700

million cyber attacks occurred in Indonesia

the attack is predominantly ranged or

Malware with a central circling mode

the massiveness of my attack bar certainly becomes

great opportunity for BlackBerry as

newcomer to the security sector

let alone evaluation of the cyber security market

continue to grow in 2020 valuation

cyber security reached 176.5 billion

then it is expected that its value will grow

to 43 billion US Dollars in the year

2027 why can it go up like that huh

because the world is increasingly dependent on

technology and digital assets then

the need to protect perfume

computing and data So increasingly important

in Indonesia BlackBerry has established

cyber protection and security cooperation

with several provider companies

the latest telecommunication is

their collaboration with PT Saka energy

to protect its digital ecosystem

by using BlackBerry unified

and point Manager Alex Maniac security

BlackBerry officer said at this time

The software business can already outgrow it

BlackBerry Mobile sales contribution

because it's this year's Turn Over

BlackBerry from device manufacture

the mobile shifts into the system

Partnership according to Alex too

the company is targeting

vulnerable industry segments

against cyber attacks including sector

governance is therefore potential

existing business in that market

much greater because of the need for

digital protection nowadays is also increasing

great Alex forwarded his reality from

the software security business is the review

it is smaller but the margin is far

higher we continue to experience

increased margins in the software segment

security They then acquired

silence that other countries are leaders

artificial intelligence industry and

motion learning for cyber security

BlackBerry has now fully

turned into a service provider

automotive technology and cybersecurity

automotive software that they make

including a help system feature

driver infotainment and car features

connected Their partners in automotive

including general Motors Mercedes Benz

and Toyota this new step is capable of

usher BlackBerry rake

revenue of 168 million US Dollars

or the equivalent of 2.491 Trillion Rupiah in

in May 2022 then that number exceeded

average analyst estimates are only


160.7 million US Dollars or the equivalent of 2.383

Trillion Rupiah steps BlackBerry

transformation has paid off

their success is at least visible

from changes in the proportion of income

company in 2011 partially

BlackBerry's big revenue still

dominated by the device sales segment

mobile that is 81% but in 2016

revenue from the mobile phone sales segment

decreased and stayed to 41% then on

2021 BlackBerry earnings start

dominated by income from the sector

software provider by 70% and 30%

the rest of the licensing business with

so the future prospects of BlackBerry

very promising growth potential

They are in the device market

security software and partnership with

strong management team support then

BlackBerry is ready to defend

strong business growth

BlackBerry wants to be the market leader

in the cellular communications business

secure crisis communications and devices

embedded software so what wisdom is this

what we can pick up from the trip

blackberry business


we take first read shift

customer needs and expectations

do not fill Keke with solutions or

product features that are proven successful at

past course Our company is not

operating in a vacuum there exists

competitors who are constantly trying to steal

our market share there are also customers

whose desires are always evolving and

there are also technologies that are constantly evolving

Exponentially Fails to catch

shift it and adapt

following it will only lead to

second extinction Don't push yourself

to play in that business

you have clearly lost

struggling to catch up

it's okay but then measure yourself

if the price to be paid for

chasing him is already too expensive and

not necessarily also yes better admit it

just lose and do a Pivot alias

turn around move to mass business

front that you can briefly enter

BlackBerry into the security business

cyber I think it's a good decision

the third sniper when deciding on direction

business transformation rests on

the power of your company transformation

it's difficult and also risky if you

not based on a strong foundation

then it will be easy to fall in the middle

the way BlackBerry is aware that it has

two strengths that became his trademark at the time

he is still Jaya as the market leader in

the second mobile communications technology

is data security and mastery

corporate market those two forces

which is the foundation and direction of the business

Blackberry at this time that's the third

important lessons that hopefully can

be inspired to bring

your company is growing in future

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