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I'm giving the latest updates

about the iPhone 15 but Bang It seems like

just yesterday Bang Indra made a video about the

iPhone 15 about usbc Hey shut up you

Karbu Keihin because there is the latest super news

that  In my opinion, you

should know that rumors like this

will determine later in September.

Do you have to update to the iPhone 15

Pro or not, so yes, I draw this video feature.

Let's get started


In the previous video, we both

know what the rumors are.  the iPhone 15 Pro

will be red for the pro

model or yesterday it was crimson red

So maybe the red looks like TNI red it

turns out uh it

turns out that suddenly yesterday there was

a rumor that the source was from an unknown

z21 and the bad thing is the unknown z21

previously had a track  the record is

quite accurate and previously helped

to enliven the rumors about Apple Vision

Pro according to z21 he said the

new color for the iPhone 15 Pro is not

red but blue he said this is

blue, like blue, yeah. Watch the

gray, friends, you can see it

from  The rendering of the Macro MOS and Unknownty

21 can be seen for the blue color

combined with Titanium material

and the edge bezel uses a

brush finish so it doesn't have a stainless

spin like the Iphone 14 Pro 13 Pro 12

Pro Yes, all the Pros have a finish

gloss and steel Yes, at a glance, these colors

remind me of the iPhone 12

Pro series, which is specific blue because the

blue tone is actually quite dark and as

we know, Apple has released

Hero color twice with a blue theme with the

specific blue on the 12 pro and Sierra blue

on  iPhone 13 Pro, what is

Bang Indra's response to the newest blue color

of the rumored iPhone 15 Pro,

so I think seeds so that this table

doesn't turn over, I will continue

the news first, yes. Red color or Deep red

or cream sun rate which

was previously rumored by an known 21  This

says that there are no signs of

this color in Apple's development, in

fact, the blue color was used by

Apple for the color of the iPhone 15 Prototype, so

everything makes more sense.

Rumors have sprung up that sometimes I really like to

scratch my head like this and in

my opinion it would be really boring

if, for example, Apple would release

another blue color on the iPhone 15 Pro series

considering what I said earlier on the

13 Pro it's already Sierra blue on the 12 Pro already

Pacific yet. In fact, on the iPhone 14 Pro

yesterday, the special color was purple,

so it doesn't change too much. Dark blue,

blue is a bit lighter, and bolder

to vary the color.

It's Mama Entim, right? Tim

said he likes your colors. Come on,

but while there isn't a curved Yellow Janur

in front of Apple Park or the

Apple Park streets are starting to get stuck because

there is an Apple event in September,

maybe there will be a new surprise that

Apple doesn't know and  not

caught by the stickers who

have been leaking rumors about

Apple's up coming product.

I'm sure this says that the

iPhone 15 Pro this year will have

red and blue options,

their latest. Now, what do you think,

friends? Do you fold for

blue again for this year because

you are really blue lovers or maybe

red is even more like that, more like that

?  It sucks that I prefer

red because I can already imagine Titanium

finish Steel brush finish combined

with a really crazy red color, of course.

Okay, next, I want to talk about

upgrading the battery in the iPhone 15 series.

a news portal forum in China,

it home, leaked this. He said that the

iPhone 15 series or the 6.1 inch

battery size will increase by 18%

from last year's iPhone 14 series, while

the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro

will increase the battery size by 14% and for

iPhone 15 Pro Max battery will

increase by 12%.  Wow, if the battery

gets bigger, it means that the iPhone 6 is also

bigger, bro. Yes and no,

for the iPhone 15 series,

it's getting bigger for the plus model and for the Romax

model, which was 6.7 inches to

6.9 inches, and for the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro

the diagonal remains at 6.1 inches,

maybe there is a difference in the layout design on the

inside hardware so as to

provide a larger space for

placing the battery in this year's iPhone 15 and

15 Pro

series.  series, yes, here

we can see the iPhone 15

3877 mah

15+4.91215 Pro 3650 15 Pro Max

4852. We can see the difference range

is between 300 and 500 mah from the

previous series. If we look at the iPhone 14

Pro to iPhone 13 Pro, the improvement is

very much  - very insignificant and from

my experience using the iPhone 13

Pro for my delay driver with a 3000

mAh battery Then going up to the iPhone 14 Pro

with a battery that has improved at

3,200 mah already feels

really significant and has lasted quite a long time, so

what's up later on the iPhone 15  Pro, which

has an improvement of 400, is an increase from the

iPhone 14 Pro series. For example,

Let's C, these numbers are true. This

means that this is good news.

If we compare it

with the iPhone series in 2022 or the

iPhone 14 series, besides the battery, it is also

rumored that the storage will be in

2023, specifically for the iPhone Pro model,

which is the studio iPhone 15 pro and 15 Pro

Max.  for storage it will start at

256gb so because of that there is no

more 128gb starting 256512 1 tera

maybe it will also be issued for the

2 tera variant because as

we know the iPhone 2 Terra rumor has

emerged from the days of the iPhone rumors  14 Pro

Series Meanwhile, for the iPhone 15, the

base model is 15 and 15 plus, it will

start the same at 128256 and so on,

for me it's fine, the

starting belt is 256, right, but the price is the same, I

think 128,999 US Dollars for the

smallest 256 GB  it's just beautiful, the price

and storage have gone up Wow, there are already 15 Pros

this year, but from the many

reports on the iPhone 15 15 Pro rumors,

we've discussed it since yesterday, OK?

I still want to focus on the

two changes in the 15 Pro event series

this year, the first  is the

second usbc is the telephoto lens

improvement which he said this year will be

given another periscope as well as Apple

and heard yesterday also he said that

for the telephoto lens

improvement this will be given

specifically for the pro Max version Which

is the highest caste

because it's like  What we know is that in the

previous series, Apple often

did that, such as the sensor shift feature

and others. It's definitely the first time

we tested it on the iPhone Pro Max, so it

doesn't matter, God willing, we will

also buy the Pro Max series for

review on ice.  clive apart from that, yes,

of course, like before, I said

yes, upgrade the Dynamic Island battery on

the iPhone, which is the base model, then for the mute

button, which Apple will turn

into an action button, then the

new body design on the iPhone 15 series,

even though it looks minor, I'm

sure it's true  a design like this

will be very different for the

xperience grip. If we compare it

to the iPhone 12, 13 and 14 series,

then we move a little to the

iPad update, yes, the 11-inch and

13-inch iPad Pro with the old display variant,

he said, will start

mass production at the start  Next year, yes, 2024,

as we know, the promotion display was

first introduced by Apple on

this iPad screen in 2017, where the

refresh rate can flexibly go up and

down from 120Hz to 24Hz. It is rumored

that later using an LED display, it

can drop from 24 to 24Hz.  10, yes, because on the

last generation iPhone, for

refreshing, it can drop up to 1 heart

for the always on display feature,

so the display can always work, right?

Pro or maybe upgrading to the iPad

pro, it's better to wait and

wait for this one series I think it's

interesting and lastly iOS 17

public beta was released, according to

Apple's schedule, it was dropped in

July and for developer beta

the last version was in developer beta  3 for my

friends who are currently in

Beta 3 developers like me, do I have to upgrade

to public beta?  the

update page is the same, it's impossible if the

public Beta and the beta developer are

differentiated later it will be different, the bugs

that are in public Beta are the same in developer

beta, but it's up to you and once

again for those of you who don't want to be bothered

to deal with or instability in

trials  iOS 17 can wait

later in September, together with the

release of the new iPhone, iOS 17

will also be officially released by

APL, so maybe that's all

for the latest updates regarding news and

rumors of the latest iPhone 15 and 15 Pro generations

from Apple which  later it will be

released in September 2023,

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