How Do SE's Measure Outcomes?

How do SE's measure outcomes?

For the last decade, REDF (formerly Roberts Enterprise Development Fund) has been measuring the impact of employment.  Our findings and information on our methodologies are available on our website.  We encourage you to check out what we have posted at: (From Joanna Messing)

The REDF has developed an outcome tracking system called OASIS that it uses with its funded organizations to help them follow through on the SROI model - which is why it can seem overwhelming when one person is trying to implement it.  It could be really hairy to attempt to keep track of it all on your own!   For a simpler explanation of SROI/evaluation measurement tools and set of more manageable steps for creating one, you might consider reviewing the material put out by the Global Social Venture Competition for use by their contestants.  This material is available at the Resource Library on their website: (From Kate Sphar)

We're always glad to hear that REDF materials are motivating others to engage in social enterprise and measurement and we're also aware of the challenges involved!  We came up with our SROI model a number of years ago and in the process we recognized that it has both strengths and shortcomings (one of which is that it can be complex to implement). In our own work since then we've migrated to looking at financial/business and social results separately even though we consider them equally important. We've zeroed in on the key information underlying our SROI analysis - the measurement of social outcomes - and we are eager to find ways of doing this in a more streamlined way.  (From Cynthia Gair)

"Measurement, Why Bother?"  is the title of a newsletter article by Melinda Tuan, managing director of the Roberts Enterprise Development Fund.  She points out that there are things that nonprofits can and should measure, to evaluate progress in accomplishing their missions and in achieving the full potential of their social enterprises.  Visit: .   ( From Rolfe Larson)