Enterprise Towards the Blue Ocean

 Enterprise,  Towards the Blue Ocean

The journey of building a brand is certainly not easy, it takes more effort than usual. And JOLI has decided not to mediocre its brand and just complement the commodity market.

Towards the Blue Ocean, it turns out that it requires completeness of the Map which is not only about WHAT, but more about HOW to make it happen. How to read the compass. The fuel. The ship etc. Because if you only know the ocean, you might even go to the Red Sea, which is of course bloody even though some say it's boisterous.

How Joli knows his position so that he focuses on the path to be followed, that's why learning PLAYING FIELD is important, and Pak Budi @budiismanofficial openly shares his point of view towards the Market Landscape and Operational Profitability governance. (Lastly, Joli deepened through TRIPLE VALUE)

How Joli slowly finds his internal identity so that he focuses on his own strengths and is aware of the resources he has, that's why learning Brand Canvas is very important, and Pak Bi @subiakto with 50 years of brand practitioner experience shares his point of view from the Purpose process up to the Passion step as a strategy to Performance section in its execution. (Lastly, Joli sharpened through MAGNET BRANDING)

9 Months ago The combination of these two points of view which strengthens Joli's fighting muscles day by day, although it has not been maximally applied, the Blue Ocean area for @bubur_ayam_joli

more clearly visible.

And after 9 full moons..

This week, 2 days to be exact

Online Workshop


will be presented again.

Please open the linktree bio, Mr. Bi @subiakto, select the WS NOBRAND NOBUSINESS section with Mr. Bi & Mr. Budi.. finish the activity.. hurry up, and get a map and how to read to the Blue Ocean of your business. Want? 😉


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